Have you ever received a handcrafted gift from a child?  Something made with lots of glue, glitter, and love?  If you have, you know that homemade gifts are often the most meaningful. 

Although we’ve since outgrown the days of glue and glitter, those of us here at B&W wanted to tap into that child-like spirit by creating and giving homemade Christmas gifts to those who matter most to us: our dealers, customers, and employees. 

That’s why our team came together in 2014 to create our first B&W Christmas ornament and a new holiday tradition. 

From Our Family to Yours

When we decided to create a custom B&W Christmas gift, we knew we needed the help of the whole B&W family. The graphics department designed, the engineering department planned and programmed, the production crew cut and stacked, and the sales team wrapped. 

By December we had 13,000 snowflake ornaments, each one intricately designed and ready to be sent to the people on our nice list.

The Thinking Caps Go Back On

Our B&W snowflake ornament was a smashing hit, if we do say so ourselves.  In fact, the response from our customers and dealers was so positive that we decided to create another customized gift for the next Christmas. 

We donned our thinking caps once again, and in 2015 we sent out a small steel sleigh pulled by two tiny reindeer.  A festive Christmas tree followed in 2016, and a steel nativity is currently in the works for the 2017 holiday season!

From Test Run to Tradition

Our B&W Christmas gifts have now become an annual treat.  Each December, dealers and customers alike wait with bated anticipation to see what we have created.  We think it’s safe to say this is another B&W tradition that is here to stay.