Biker Bar

Take your bike, ditch your straps!
The Biker Bar is a totally unique concept and a complete departure from the cumbersome straps, chocks and bolt-on systems that can be ineffective, unsightly and cause damage to paint, chrome and leather finishes.


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Product Details

  • Load and unload your Harley Davidson in less than a minute by yourself with the Biker Bar.
  • Drive over steep, pitched terrain with your bike securely latched.
  • Adjustable clamping bar with neoprene lined clamps prevents scratches. Always remove clamping bar when not trailering.
  • Your motorcycle's suspension is not stressed. When the rider dismounts, the bike's suspension system remains slightly compressed, exerting just the right amount of upward pressure to maintain rigid stability without stressing the suspension components. A bike secured with a Biker Bar becomes an extension of the trailer’s suspension system, instead of amplifying it as an active bike suspension system would. Let your trailer suspension do the work.
  • Latching system easily unbolts from the trailer without crawling underneath, freeing up your trailer for other things.
  • Can be mounted in your garage for safely storing your bike.
  • Works with all Harley Davidson motorcycles with factory painted frames.
  • Six 1/4" increments of vertical adjustment to accommodate different motorcycle models.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

    ⚠ Proposition 65 Warning

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The Biker Bar clamping bar is ALWAYS removed when you arrive at your destination and are ready to ride.

Yes. You can clamp the bar while the cycle is on the kickstand and most riders can sit on their cycle to lead and unload.

Yes. The Biker Bar can be removed without crawling underneath the trailer by simply removing the 2 bolts on the top side of the floor. The anchor plates will stay secure under the floor once you have secured them with 2 carriage bolts at the time of installation. All that is visible on the top side of your trailer floor are the head of the carriage bolts and a 5/8” hole in your floor.

Yes, it works on all Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Approximately 1 hour. Some toy haulers make take longer, depending on what is underneath the floor. If you do not feel that you can install it yourself, any trailer dealership or repair shop should be able to when provided with the instructions which are enclosed with every unit purchased.